Who We Are

We are Home Care Insurance specialists giving you peace of mind that when things go wrong we are always here to help.

We feel we offer great value for money and we will always aim to offer you the highest level of customer service. We strongly believe that we should treat others how we wish to be treated. This ethos is deeply instilled into all our customer service agents.

We always aim to be competitively priced within the market and we feel you will get a lot more for your money by choosing us, we over easy simple and ultra fast access to all your policy documents via our website as well as delivering great standards of customer service all the way from your decision to go with us right through making a claim. We are a UK company and have a state of the art UK call center near Cardiff, so one of our friendly agents are always there to process your claim as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help

We are extremely competitive in the market and we offer a great selection of insurance products to give you total peace of mind. We are not purely price driven but also make sure you get an insurance product that offers you massive benefits compared to some other competitors.

Why people are moving to us

It's simple really. The answer is price and our excellent high level customer service. We are a fast easy to use service and pride ourselves on making the service run smoothly from start to finish.

Great Insurance At A Great Price

We have all been there, in the middle of making a Sunday roast and all of a sudden you realise your oven isn’t working or you go to run a hot bath after a long day at work and you notice all that’s coming out is cold water. Well that’s exactly why we are here to help. We are just one simple call away and we take care of all the hard work so you don’t have to worry. You get your appliance or boiler repaired as quickly as possible and the best part is you don’t have any large repair bills to pay. We give you access to a 24 hour a day call centre 365 days a year so you have full peace of mind no matter what time of day you need us. We are always here for you in our UK based call center.

There is no limit to how many times a year we come out to you like alot of other competitors. So what are you waiting for? Signup now!

Our company info

Haining & Wright Ltd (Company No. 09541717), which is directly regulated and authorised by the FCA under FRN No. 709844

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