Landlord Home Emergency Cover - Platinum

Platinum is the highest level of cover we provide. This offers both, landlords and their tenant’s peace of mind knowing that they are prepared for the unexpected with our Landlord Home Emergency policy for residential lets.

The policy provides up to £3,500 (including VAT) per claim should an emergency arise. Assistance is available 24/7, 365 days a year from fully qualified tradesmen who are able to attend the property in the event of an insured emergency. If a fault occur, you may be entitled up to £200 (including VAT) per claim for overnight accommodation should your property become uninhabitable for the tenants.

Examples of an emergency to a residential property include:

  • Failure of the central heating system such as a faulty boiler
  • Failure of the gas system
  • Plumbing or drainage issues
  • Failure of the electricity to the property

The cover will pay for a temporary repair in the event of:


  • Burst pipes or a sudden leak which is likely to cause damage to the property or contents
  • Failure of domestic water mains supply, gas or electric supply
  • Total failure and/or breakdown of your primary heating system
  • Inoperable toilet where no other toilet is available in your property
  • Failure of or damage to external locks, doors or windows that affects the property's security.
  • Failure of the roofing, down-piping or guttering that could cause water damage
  • Infestation of pests inside your property


There is no excess to pay when making a claim.

Landlord Home Emergency Cover - Platinum

£85 per annum

£210 per annum serviced

Significant Limitations
Claims that arise within the first 14 days of the first period of insurance - see General Exclusions 1

Any circumstances known to you at the time of applying for this insurance or at any time prior to the commencement of this insurance – see General Exclusions 2

Any property outside the United Kingdom – see Territorial Limits

Normal day-to-day property maintenance or gradual deterioration in performance which do not give rise to an emergency – see This Policy Will Not Cover 1

Damage to your property or contents – see General Exclusions 5

Costs associated with another property or communal/shared areas if your property is in a multiple occupancy or multi usage block or building – see General Exclusions 18

Equipment which has not been installed, serviced, or maintained in accordance with statutory regulations or manufacturer’s instructions – see General Exclusions 19

Damage incurred when the property has been left unattended for more than 30 days – see General Exclusions 14

Any amount payable in respect of costs recoverable under any building or contents insurance or under any form of insurance or maintenance agreement – see General Exclusions 11

Any costs incurred where you have not notified us of your emergency and have not obtained our prior authorisation – see General Exclusions 3